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Why Nick Bova and Other Pittsburgh Fans See Such a Bright Future for the City

Many Americans are fed up with the high prices and crowded conditions that have become so typical of the country’s best-known cities. That has left some to wonder if dealing with such issues has simply become a requirement for anyone who prefers urban environments over rural ones in the United States.

In fact, there are still some highly developed cities where low costs of living combine with plenty of space and other appealing features. As locals like one named “Nick Bova” have revealed to countless newcomers, Pittsburgh, for example, is a place that many will be happy to call home.

A Vigorous Revitalization Has Turned Around a Formerly Troubled City

Just about everyone will have heard stories about how Detroit has fallen upon such hard times since auto manufacturers began abandoning it decades ago. Pittsburgh went through analogous but far less profound troubles of its own and has since gotten …